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Commercial coolers are essential to bars and restaurants that use them. Drink or beer coolers (also known as bar coolers, bottle coolers and bottle/bar refrigerators) can store and chill bottled beverages, kegs, mugs, glasses, and plates. They provide not only refrigeration but also organization and storage space. If your cooler is not working as it should, waste no time before contacting the commercial cooler repair professionals at Mr. Appliances repair.

When it comes to business, time is money—we completely understand this and see the effects of broken commercial appliances every day! This is why we offer commercial cooler repair service on your schedule, with flat-rate pricing on all repairs so you will never be charged an overtime fee.

Contact us today at 855-202-6177 or schedule online for an appointment with our beer cooler repair experts!

Types of Commercial Bar Coolers We Repair

The professionals at Mr. Appliances repair are familiar with countless types and brands of commercial appliances, including coolers. Give us a call if you need commercial cooler repair for any of the following:

  • Back Bar Coolers
  • Horizontal Bottle Coolers
  • Beer Dispensers
  • Bottle or Beer Coolers
  • Wine Coolers
  • Glass & Plate Chillers

Common Commercial Cooler Issues We Repair

If you are having trouble with your commercial cooler, you could be dealing with more than one problem. Whether the unit is having difficulty maintaining its temperature or it won’t turn on, you can count on the appliance repair technicians at Mr. Appliances repair to get it back in good working order. Here are some of the issues we commonly repair:

  • The bar cooler is not operatingIf your unit is inoperable, you should check to see if the cooler has been turned off or unplugged, or if it’s blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. If these aren’t the issue, call a Mr. Appliances repair technician to diagnose and address the issue.
  • Beverages keep freezingIf beverages are freezing in your commercial cooler, it may be due to a thermostat in need of adjustment or replacement. Don’t let your beer be ruined! Contact one of our experts to take care of the problem.
  • The cooler is not cool enoughCommon causes of this problem include a warm environment, dust blocking the condenser, dirty evaporator coils, low refrigerant, and more. Luckily, Mr. Appliances repair professionals will be able to troubleshoot the problem and fix it quickly.
  • The exhaust vent is blowing warm airIf your commercial cooler is blowing warm air, it may be due to a defective compressor or refrigerant leak. Call a professional for help before this leads to further problems.
  • The cooler cycles on and off frequentlyCoolers that cycle on and off frequently may have an environmental issue such as hot weather or someone leaving the door open for long periods of time. If not, professional troubleshooting and repair may be required.

If you are experiencing an issue with your commercial cooler, contact the Mr. Appliances repair near you today for the fast and reliable repair service you need. We understand that a broken beverage or beer cooler is an inconvenience during your busy day, and we want to help diagnose the problem as quickly as possible, on your schedule. To get started, just call 855-202-6117 or schedule online.

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If the valuable appliances at your home and business are not performing correctly, contact the pros from us. We are here to provide you with skilled, affordable services that occur on your schedule.






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If the valuable appliances at your home and business are not performing correctly, contact the pros from us.

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