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If you are in the food service industry, your commercial freezer is essential to the continued success of your business. Proper care and maintenance of your commercial freezer, in addition to promptly scheduling repairs before spoilage occurs, can spare you the inconvenience of costly breakdowns and ruined food. Contact Mr. Appliances repair at the first sign of trouble, and our commercial freezer repair experts will handle it.

Our technicians will perform freezer maintenance and repairs on your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your business or personal life. Whether you need us to come early in the morning or later in the afternoon, you can count on us to arrive promptly with tools in hand. At all our locations, we have a strict “leave no trace” cleanup policy, which means we won’t leave you with a mess when we’re done.

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We Repair All Types of Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers preserve food at temperatures between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), freezing food at this temperature allows for safe storage by preventing the growth of bacteria. If your freezer is having trouble maintaining the proper temperature or has another problem, contact Mr. Appliances repair for commercial freezer repair so you can avoid liability issues and spoiled food. Expect a speedy response from our experts!

  • Commercial Reach-In FreezersCommercial reach-in freezers are upright, like refrigerators. They contain multiple sections and may have solid or glass doors in full length or “Dutch style” (half doors). Our technicians are familiar with repairs associated with this type of freezer.
  • Commercial Walk-In FreezersWalk-in freezers are a good fit for restaurants and other commercial locations that require a large amount of cold storage space inside or outside. Shelving allows for optimal organization. Learn more about walk-in freezer repair from Mr. Appliances repair.
  • Freezer Prep TablesFreezer prep tables are kept in the prep area of your commercial kitchen. They feature a work area on top to make food preparation more convenient. Looking for other prep table repair information? We also service pizza prep tables, sandwich prep tables, and steam tables.
  • Under-Counter FreezersUnder-counter freezers look and function like reach-in freezer models, but they are usually shorter, so they can fit into much smaller spaces. Need help with your under-counter freezer? Reach out to us!
  • Merchandizing UnitsMerchandizing units, or display freezers, are used to present products through glass doors. Mr. Appliances repair technicians will repair yours so you can continue making quick sales to your customers.
  • Commercial Freezer Repair vs. Replacement

    Often, the first step to determining whether you should repair or replace your commercial freezer is consulting a professional repair service technician. They can help make this decision by determining the cause of the issues and the cost of repairing them. Other factors to consider when choosing the best course of action are the age of your appliance, how frequently you need repairs, the cost of parts, and how frequently you use the commercial freezer.

    If repairs are tallying costs similar to the price of a replacement, or if your freezer is getting up there in years, you may want to consider the benefits of upgrading the unit. Even if your commercial freezer isn’t very old, make sure you continually maintain it so you’re not forced to make this decision too soon.

    Whatever your situation, you can rely on Mr. Appliances repair  to diagnose your commercial freezer issues, make expert repairs, perform preventative maintenance, or recommend replacement. We have all the commercial freezer parts you need too! For speedy, expert service from professionals who respect you and your business, call us at 855-202-6117 or schedule an appointment online.

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