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Food mixers are a must-have in every commercial kitchen. One of the most versatile restaurant appliances, commercial mixers increase daily productivity and prevent worn-out kitchen staff. If this appliance breaks down, don’t let your business come to a halt. Contact the expert technicians at Mr. Appliances repair at the first sign of a problem, and we’ll provide the mixer repair and mixer parts you need to get back to cooking in no time!

Not only do we back our parts and labor with a one-year quality guarantee, but we also offer up-front, flat-rate pricing for all of our services. This means that you pay by the job, not by the hour, when you ask us for food mixer repairs. We will never charge you an overtime fee because we believe in transparency and great service. Many of our locations offer commercial services such as mixer repair.

For mixer repair and parts, please call us at 855-202-6117 or schedule an appointment online.

Common Types of Commercial Mixers We Repair

Commercial mixers mix ingredients with beaters operated by a motor and gears. A speed controller varies the amount of current being used and manages the speed of the beaters. With so many small moving parts, mixers can require some repairs after frequent use in commercial kitchens. These are the varieties we often see when performing mixer repairs:

  • Planetary mixers
  • Spiral mixers
  • Hand mixers
  • Countertop mixers
  • Floor or stand mixers
  • Attachments

Common Mixer Issues We Repair

If you need commercial food mixer repairs, don’t just wait for the problem to go away. Get the fast and effective repairs you need. Mr. Appliances repair repairs many types of commercial mixers, fixing these common issues and more:

  • The mixer won’t start. A mixer that won’t start may have a faulty switch or a defective motor fuse. Removing the housing to expose internal components will be necessary. Ask a Mr. Appliances repair technician for support.
  • Certain speeds won’t function. If certain speeds on your mixer won’t function, a faulty speed control may be to blame. In this case, service or replacement would be necessary. Our mixer repair pros are familiar with this problem.
  • The beaters won’t turn. If the motor on your mixer is humming but the beaters still won’t turn, the motor could be seized and in need of replacement. Our repair experts can perform a repair or, if practical, suggest the unit be replaced.
  • There is excessive vibration. Bent or worn beater shafts may cause excessive vibration when mixing, or broken gears could be to blame. If you’re experiencing this problem, call Mr. Appliances repair to troubleshoot and perform mixer repair.

Why is it important for a professional to handle food mixer repairs?

Commercial food mixers are far more powerful than their residential counterparts and, thus, require more attention to safety instructions. The U.S. Department of Labor considers these machines to be hazardous, only allowing employees over the age of 18 to operate them. It can be dangerous to repair them yourself — sharp, quickly moving mixer parts are involved! When you ask a professional to service your commercial mixer, you can ensure that it lasts as long as possible and doesn’t waste energy.

Professional mixer repair and maintenance means little interruption to your business operation. At Mr. Appliances repair, you get trained technicians with plenty of experience, plus high-quality parts, so your factory warranties won’t be compromised.

Ready to set up a mixer repair with our team? Call 855-202-6117 or schedule an appointment online.

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